In GISME we think that it is possible to move forward in the understanding of the many challenges that are nowadays present in the world by a multidisciplinary approach based on a work-team constituted by people with different expertise and experience, capable of combination to produce good brand new ideas. That is why GISME will adopt a multidisciplinary approach in order to work in the development of models based on:
· A wide range of technological knowledge from the fields of engineering and experimental sciences.
· The huge knowledge already available from market dynamics simulations and analysis, including business intelligence.
· An analysis of the entire life cycle of a product/service from its fabrication until its disposal, as well as its impact and sustainability in the short and long term future.
· Innovative theoretical analyses from different approaches in each field of the multidisciplinary team.
· An accurate energy balance calculation of all processes involved in the life of a product and/or the delivery of a service.
· The knowledge in Human Psychology in relation to individual and collective decision-making processes (behavioral research).
· The analysis of the impact of new legislation to different levels (economic, social, technological) as well as its acceptance by the population.