J. Guàrdia

Ph.D. in Psychology in 1987 is Professor at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Barcelona (Spain) and member of the Research Institute of Brain, Cognition and Behavior (IR3C http://www.ub.edu/psicologia/IR3C). His research subject is associated with the psychological methods and, in general, with the global aspects of Methodology of Behavioral Science. His academic activities have been developing around the teaching and learning of the Statistical Data Techniques to psychologist and, in general, to others health and social researchers. He is the director of the Consolidated Group for Teaching Statistics in the University of Barcelona (http://www1.ub.edu/gid-estadistica/) and has been generated more than eighty papers, communications and proceedings in this educational area in the past ten years. Otherwise, he is the principal researcher of the Consolidated Research Group about Advanced Statistical Techniques Applied to Psychology (www.ub.edu/gteaap) that have their principal research subject in the developing news statistical approaches and models to human cognition and behavior.

The center of attention of this research group is about some topics around neuropsychological performance, clinical results in psychopathology, work psychopathology, analyzing EEG, functional and structural Resonance Magnetic Images (RMI) and others. Also, from the mathematical perspectives, the interest were been focused to the robust and resistant statistical procedures, in special all of connected with the parameter estimation in Multivariate Analysis, in more specific way, into the Structural Equation Models (SEM) in its different manifestations, including some Bayesian approaches. As a result of this work, the group has been published more than two hundred papers in peer review journals. He also is member of several academic associations, and editorials committees.

Email: jguardia@ub.edu

J. Guàrdia