A. Arrieta

He holds a degree on Chemical Engineering (BEng.), a second degree on Printing and Papermaking Engineering (MEng.), a Master on Business Administration (MBA) and a PhD on Economic Analysis.

Antonio is a practical, realistic and matter-of-fact professional. He quickly sees illogical and inefficient procedures and policies and develops and implements comprehensive systems to solve organisational problems. He likes to quickly move to forcefully implement solutions and/or decisions organising projects and people to get things done, focusing on getting results in the most efficient way possible, although taking care of routine details. He has a clear set of logical standards, which follows systematically; usually wanting the others do so. He enjoys long-term planning and goal setting. He also enjoys expanding his knowledge and passing it on to others.

Antonio has held several positions in various industrial companies as production manager, products development manager (inventor of 8 international patents), financial controlling and corporate performance management.

Email: antonioarrieta@yahoo.com

A. Arrieta
Chemical Engineer